The T24 applicator from BULLOCK TILLAGE is a multi-purpose broadcaster for distributing all types of slug pellets and small seeds.

Testing specialist SCS tested and compared the five most popular single disc pelleters and the T24 from BULLOCK TILLAGE was the only applicator that threw all types of pellets to 24 metres and was the best value for money.

The Aluminium Trolley is now available as an optional extra for the T24 Slug Pelleter. It is quick and easy to attach via a ball hitch to a quad bike or farm vehicle and enables the larger 120 litre T24 to be towed behind a quad bike. See pricing below.

Product Features

  • Robust 70 litre hopper with drain plug
  • Versatile mounting frame allows easy attachment to ATV’s and is pre-drilled for optional three point linkage attachment onto a tractor
  • Easy and precise dose rate settings with a graduated scale of 0 – 35
  • 4 vane heavy duty stainless steel concave disc
  • The T24 comes standard with a variable rate control box allowing granules to be spread from 4 to 24 metres (depending on weather conditions) 

Prices start from £1,100
+ Delivery + VAT

Contact us for more information - Technical Data can be found by clicking on the following link:

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