The T18 Multi Seeder is suitable for distributing most small seeds including grass seed and cover crops and is best positioned onto a grass harrow or cultivator enabling cultivations and seeding to be carried out in one pass.

Product Features

  • Spread width of 2.5 to 5 metres adjustable by deflector plates for accurate seed distribution. With the deflector hood removed the Multi Seeder will spread slug pellets to a width of 12 metres
  • Settings allow for flow rates of 0 – 300 kg/hour. (60 kg/hour for grass seed)
  • Full electrical control of shutter opening and closing
  • Specifications: Hopper capacity 120 litre - Unit Weight 34kg when empty - Supply Voltage 12 Volts - Power 150w - Depth 0.70m - Width with reflector hood 1m, without 0.7m - Height 0.95m 

Prices start from £895.00
+ Delivery + VAT

Options: 3 point linkage attachments £110 + VAT

Technical Data can be found by clicking on the following link:

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